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How the Saul Tuner system works

The Saul tuner system is unlike any other bagpipe tuner. It is designed specifically to be used with special sensors placed on each of the four separate sound sources of the bagpipe.

The sensors are small, flat and flexible, and attach easily using normal electrical tape to the outside of each drone stock and the chanter stock.   Once attached the sensors and their wires are hidden by the pipe bag cover, and can't be seen.
The two leads from the sensors (one for drones, one for chanter) emerge from under the bag cover at the blowpipe stock and plug into the tuner, which is mounted on the blow-pipe stock.

The tuner attaches to the blow-pipe stock using a specially made Velcro strap. This places the tuner in a convenient, easy to view position for the piper.

When the piper has finished tuning and is ready to play, the tuner is easily removed by undoing the Velcro strap from the blowpipe stock. The two leads can then be hidden back under the bag cover.

For ease of use and maximum flexibility, the tuner also has a built-in microphone. This is an additional feature that allows the tuner to be used for quick chanter note testing or drone tuning without the need for the sensors. Although this is a handy feature, it doesn't give the user the amazing experience of the stability and accuracy of using the tuner "plugged-in" to your pipes via the sensors.