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Demonstration Videos
Below are some short videos demonstrating the Saul Tuner in action. These videos are also available at a lower quality on YouTube here.

In use on the pipes
The best way to use the tuner is when it is plugged in to the sensors that are attached to the bagpipe. Ideally, all pipers in the band should have a Saul Tuner installed. This gives the greatest tuning accuracy and tune-up time benefits. Here's some videos of the tuner in use on the pipes:

1. The Saul Tuner in use on a bagpipe with sensors attached. (12Mb)

2. In use on a bagpipe with sensors attached, with screen close up. (7Mb)

Using the built-in mic
For extra flexibility, the tuner can also be used when not attached to the pipes, by using its built-in microphone. Here's some videos demonstrating this:

Chanter notes - built-in mic
The Saul Tuner held in front of a pipe chanter, using its built-in microphone. (14 Mb)

Chanter notes 2
Close up on the LCD screen of the Saul Tuner as the bagpipe scale is played. (4.8 Mb)

Drone tuning
Using the Saul tuner to tune drones, using the built-in microphone. (7.5 Mb)