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Reduced band tune up time & tune with greater accuracy.

The Saul Tuner is designed specifically to reduce the tuning time of pipe bands of any standard. To take full advantage of the benefits of the Saul Tuner, each piper in the band needs to have a tuner installed on their pipes. When each piper in the pipe corps has a Saul Tuner installed onto their bagpipe they are no longer reliant on the band's tuning personnel to tune their chanter notes, or drones. The pipers simply warm up their pipes to a stable pitch (individually or as a band), and then adjust their drones and chanter notes to conform to an agreed current pitch frequency (Hz).

At any time (right up to the competition line), each piper can use their own tuner to check their chanter notes or drones with the confidence that they're tuning to the same reference pitch as all the other pipers in the band.

Using the Saul Tuner system eliminates the need for separate "drone tuner" personnel altogether. This means not having to wait for the "drone tuners" to get around all the individual drones of an entire pipe corps. Using the tuner, pipers tune their own drones to the current reference pitch the band is at.

A band using the Saul Tuner system can tune up an entire pipe corps (no matter how large) in the time it takes to tune one bagpipe.